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Twas just before Christmas!

'Twas only weeks before Christmas, when all through Red Sox Nation Boston fans were terribly saddened by the latest Yankee fans' elation. While New England fans begged and screamed, "Mike Mussina pitch here", Mussina eventually selected the Yankees, which was the Bostonians' biggest fear.

"How did this happen?", these loyal Sox fans asked, as they began to cry. Read on, my friends, and I will tell you why.

While Dan Duquette and the Red Sox organization were sleeping all snug in their beds, Visions of Mike Mussina in pinstripes, danced in George Steinbrenner's head. And with Brian Cashman and Joe Torre proudly showing off their new world championship cap The Yankees wooed Mussina, and knew his signing would be a snap.

When poor Dan Duquette finally woke up, he heard such a clatter, He sprang from his bed to see what was the matter. The press told him the Yankees were pursuing Mike Mussina with vigor and flash, A stunned Duquette suddenly jumped out of his window without throwing up the sash.

When Dan finally got around to negotiate with the prized right-hander from Baltimore. He rubbed his eyes twice and couldn't believe what he saw.

He saw a Yankee negotiating team lead by the "Boss" who, at seventy, is still lively and quick. When Duquette heard Steinbrenner barking out orders to get Mussina, he felt oh so very sick. In rapid fire motion, Steinbrenner summoned his current Yankees as he called each one by name. In typical Yankee team fashion, every one of his superstars came.

"Now Jeter! Now Paul! Now "Rocket" and Pettitte"

Steinbrenner urged many of his players to sing the praises of being a Yankee so Mussina wouldn't forget it.

Mussina was so impressed, it was now pinstripes he wanted to wear. A dejected Dan Duquette quickly learned it wasn't only the talk of money Mike wanted to hear.

So on November 30th, Mike Mussina became a New Yorker, a Yankee fan's Christmas delight. For Red Sox fans, it's another sad day, as they can kiss their championship hopes another good night.